Monday, October 16, 2006


Once aboard Sky City I went straight to the Help Center. And I asked to see the captain. I said I wanted to help find the person that killed Noel and need as much information as I could get. They directed me to a small room with a table with a couple chairs. I sat and waited for what seemed like hours. After nearly falling asleep the door opened and a droid walked in.

"Hello, I'm Holg," it said.

I was really annoyed and before it could continue I interrupted it. "I want to speak with the captain not a stupid droid."I yelled so that someone outside could hear me.

The droid looked at my and said, "Well I have no idea why you are yelling, but I AM the captain of this here resort." It sounded angry.

"What...... but you are a...." It interrupted me.

"Droid. I know, I am more then the average personal droid. I am smart and can learn. I have been programmed and built mostly by Noel herself. She gave me the job as captain just before she passed on. I don't know why she did, maybe it is because I'm the only one she totally trusted." It sighed and handed my a datapad. "If you don't believe me here is the proof."

I looked over the datapad and was shocked. Sure enough this droid was the captain. I handed him back the datapad and apologized.

He just laugh (or something that sounded like one) "It's okay, you are not the first one to make this mistake, and definitely won't be the last. That's why I carry this around with me all the time."

He sat down and asked "So I hear you are looking for information about Noel's death and want to help..... right?"

I nodded yes. "I want to bring her killer down and make him suffer the way he made her." I then swore some choice words in my native language. He just gave me a blank stare (typical droids).

He then nodded and said, "Get in line."He handed me a data pad and continued, "most of the information you need it there. And I will answer any questions you have."

The meeting we had wasn't very long. I just asked some question and he answered.

Once all my questions were answered I asked if I could go see the remains of Noel. He took me down to where she was being held. I wanted to try and connect with Noel and the only way I could do that was to touch the body, even a small part of it. I needed to reach her and I knew I could. He tried to stop my attempt at opening the casket. I was a little annoyed, but after explaining to him what it was I really wanted to do he let me. I asked to be alone and he left.

Once I was alone with the remains. I took out a small bag on spirit dust. This helps the spirit find it's way back. I sprinkled some on the what was left of Noel. I sat and held what looked like her hand. I had heard she was part metal, so this wasn't as bad as some that I had to hold. I said a chant, and meditated. I reached out with my mind and tried to reach her. She had been aware of me, but wasn't about to leave her Heaven. I gave up after twenty minutes. I didn't want to stop, but I didn't want to get interrupted by the droid. So I took the hand and closed up the casket. I knew no one would look and see it missing. I slipped the dust and the hand in the bag and tied to my waist and left.

The droid was standing outside the room and asked, "do you need anything else?"

I nodded,"I need a room."

He took me up to the hotel area and left. I checked in and took a nice suite. I figured if I stayed here why not allow myself some luxuries. My plan was to stay here, try and reach Noel, and not leave. My food was delivered to my door. and I had peace.

I meditated for days and reached out to her. She didn't want to come easily. I created to space that she would enjoy for us to meet. It took awhile but finally she showed up.

Through the fog and smoke she walked. I smiled, it was nice to see her.

She looked confused "Who are you, and how come you have these powers?"

I looked at her and raised my hood.

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"Your Neptonain!?" she said with a shocked look.

"Yes." I nodded and smiled.

"But how, I thought everyone was killed when those aliens attacked the planet?" She asked.

"Not everyone was stupid enough to stay on the planet. Look I'll explain everything later. Right now I need some information from you. I'm going to go after the man who did this to you and I just wanted to know if you had an other information I needed."

So we talked and she gave me the information I needed. Most of it I had already, but she gave me a few names that were not mentioned in the datapads that the droid gave me.

When we were done, I asked her one more question. "Before we separate, I just want to know if you like it where you are. Or would you want to come back?"

She gasped, "Go back to the real world? It's not possible."

I nodded, "Yes it is. There is a ceremony that I can do to bring the dead back to life. I'm sure you have heard of it."

"You mean the, Monkill'erana? That was banned centuries ago by our people."

I nodded, "I know, I don't do it very often. Most of them want to stay. But a few have came back to the living successfully. It is your choice. I'm not forcing anything on you."

She sat and thought for awhile, "What about Zebb, can you bring him back as well?"

I shook my head, "No. I can only bring the ones who died unexpectedly, like yourself."

"But he did....." she was upset.

"He never told you did he? The shot that killed him, was meant for you. He took the shot under his own will. He gave up his life to save yours."

"But....." She stopped. I could tell she was holding back tears.

"I'm sorry, but like I said you have a choice. I'll come find you in a couple days. You can let me know then okay." I put my hand on her shoulder for some reassurance. She just nodded and went back into the fog and disappeared.

When I came out of my meditative state I felt saddened. I hate when the ones I want to rescue have a lover with them. It makes the decision and the Monkill'erana much harder.


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